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Products & Services Tariff

The fees and commissions for the retail sector and examples of the effective interest rate calculation for retail loans:

Product Announced interest rate starting from
Personal Loan 6.26 %
Housing Loan 5.58%
Auto Loan - Floating                  8.4%
Auto Loan - Fixed 4.5%
Salary Overdraft 16.50%

Product Loan Duration
Actual Intrest rate Example on calculating the
interest rate
Personal Loan        7 9.38 Personal loan of JD 10,000 at 9% interest and
1% commission with a monthly payment of JD 162
Car - Floating 7 10.47 Car loan of JD 10,000 at 10% changing interest
and 1% commission with a  monthly payment of JD
Mortgage 20 8.30 Mortgage loan of JD 70,000 at 8% interest and 1%
commission, with a monthly payment of JD 592

For more information on the Tariff Guide for Services and Products please call 065807777 or click here:


• The interest Rates are being set based on overnight interbank Rate.
• Interest rates above are for guidance and for individual loans only.
• Terms and conditions apply.